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John Turley and Joan Giddings met in September of 1966 at Illinois State University where they were studying to be teachers. After they were married in July of 1967, they taught and traveled all over the country eventually settling down in the Pacific Northwest. Their shared passion for education, the environment, music and Native American cultures, heavily influenced their art. Both were fervent activists dedicated to social justice and vehemently anti-war. In 1969 they left Illinois with a priest, a couple of Catholic brothers and fellow teachers and drove straight through a blinding snowstorm to join the March Against Death in Washington D.C. to protest the Vietnam War.


Their activism continued after moving to Portland, OR where they supported Physicians for Social Responsibility and Stand for Children. John taught art for 33 years, opening two art departments at high schools that had never had an art program. He works in a variety of mediums including acrylic, oil and watercolor. Joan would discover her artistic talent later in life and paints both impressionistic and abstract watercolors.


Today, they reside in Vancouver, WA and are members of The Society of Washington ArtistsMosaic Arts Alliance and Southwest Washington Watercolor Society. They have exhibited and sold their work all over the country, run galleries and shows in the Pacific Northwest and strive to build a strong and supportive artistic community.